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In the game you will choose a WORLD and a STORY.

The first world has magic, magical creatures and several different sentient beings.

The first story is about a person that was trained to be a slaver and now needs to start working on it.

The idea of breaking the future comes from playing the game with one character and then you may start the game with another STORY but on the same WORLD. Since the game will be turn based, each STORY will have an historic log of everything your character did, when and where.

So your second character may encounter your other character and they may interact or not.
If you interact with the other character you will break his future, his future path will be broken and if you choose to play him again, you will resume from the point it was broken.

Interesting ideas for this game format are, if your character dies, you can play a new character that encounters your first and break his future before the turn he actually dies, so you can then later resume your game with your first character.

Another idea could be someone making a character and playing and sending his save to his friends so they may play and try to challenge the first character or play along it without interfering.

The player may start as much STORIES as he wants on a given any given WORLD and create as much WORLDS as he wants.

Some STORIES will have a predefined setting but a random or custom STORY start will also be made available for the player.

WORLDS will be divided in the future between magical or technological worlds where on will cancel the other in a scale of 10. The initial WORLD for example have a 6 magical points and 4 technological points, but this part of the game will only be developed after the initial WORLD setting is fully completed.

After this point in development, I will make it possible for characters to travel between WORLDS, be it by using a space ship or opening magical portals.


Regarding it being a adult game with a slave theme, the player will be able to enslave anyone they encounter while exploring and choose to enslave bandits to help bring order or enslave anyone for profit.

The game will provide endless random dungeons and quests for a sandbox experience, I plan making a very diverse random world generator that could for example create a world where Humans are rare or that Orcs enslaved all the other races, and then have this options on the custom game settings.


No files yet, it is still in the prototype phase while I finish the user interface and starts adding the mechanics.

*The video shows some early development of the UI.

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