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Testing skin color on commissioned image
All skin types from different races have a color code, so I want this color to be applied to whatever image we use so it will be easy to add new colors later. I...
Testing map for exploration
Bought a new tileset ( ) and I'm testing now how to open up new tiles when exploring, tooltips an...
Inventory UI
Testing the inventory UI so the character can equip armor and weapons so I can test combat next...
Testing Shaders
I took some time to work on some shaders after finding the site shadertoy, it was a nice change of pace, right now I have been working on all formulas and how t...
Finishing some clean up and in game editors
So I did a bunch of things the last few days. First I cleaned up some code on the c++ side and moved it to QML, the idea is to have most code there since the ga...
Character Creation Preferences
Here is the last step of character creation. The player may choose what they prefer using dislike, like and love. Dislike gives one point, like takes one point...
Testing second part of character creation
Now that this part is ready I'm going to start the third part, which is more simple, to set your character preferences, what they like and dislike...
Testing dungeon generation
Using the tutorial from the famous / https://www.patreon.c...
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