Finishing some clean up and in game editors

So I did a bunch of things the last few days.

First I cleaned up some code on the c++ side and moved it to QML, the idea is to have most code there since the game is simple enough that it won't slow it down and also because I'm making a in game editor, so anyone can try editing the game however they want later.

I moved some images that I bought a license to use into a resource file, so they can only be used in game, other images that I have done myself or have commissioned and hold the rights to use I have put them outside in the game folder so anyone can use it them however they want.

Made a "Image Selector" so I can browse the images and click and copy their path, so while coding in game, I can also get the images I want without leaving the game.

Also made a pretty simple restart button that will reload the QML viewer, so after changing QML files, I can reload the game pretty quickly and continue working on it.

Most of the character creation is done, I wanted to give some options about the world as well but this will probably take a while to happen.

Most structures about the game will reside on the QML side, to allow modders to view and modify them as they want, most c++ code will be things that QML can't do or would be a pain to do.

Hopefully next video I will have some basic gameplay coded to show.

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